Peach season is ending :[

Peach season starts at the end of a warm may up till the end of august. Pies are a chore to peel and prep your ingredients. But at then end you can eat large quantities of buttery sugary fruit with a spoon and sometimes ice cream.

I’ve only managed 1 peach pie so far this season. I’m hopeful for a plain glazed fresh peach pie on a prebaked crust. It’s less time consuming, but flavor is solely dependent on quality and season of peach.

When I’m out of peaches for the year, I’ll go fall back into the many faces of apple pie.


Ahh so cute pie face 😀 drawing vent faces on pies is a hilarious joy in life.

Ohhh it’s so ugly post-baked!

A lot better looking from this angle & in a pie pack and go party container.

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