Blue Cut Fire

This event which ripped through Wrightwood devastating the already drought stricken landscapes hits close to home, because riding the Angeles Crest Highway through Wrightwood has been my Saturday pastime.

It’s a 175 mile round trip from my house, up the 5 north, get off on the 2 Highway. Stop by Newcomb’s ranch for 3 cups of black coffee, gossip and sometimes a prayer.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Then I’m on my way up to my bird watching spot at Grassy Hollow for half an hour while I get the jitters. Then it’s the journey home through early afternoon heat while I have 25 pounds of leather gear on.

Each time there’s rain or fires, my path through Wrightwood and the 15 is blocked. I refuse to ride up the 5 then returning on the same route. It’s the principle of things, always looping, never repeat when possible.

When not possible then I guess it’s dirt biking times. Which is coming around the corner as soon as temperatures fall below 85.

Anyways, always look twice for motorcycles. I might just be passing by.Vroom

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