Biking & Birding & Coffee

These are my holy trinity. With the limited resource of free time if I can squeeze all three activities on days off is just heaven.  My significant other cannot drink coffee and doesn’t appreciate birds so these are my solo trips.

There’s a lot of logistics issues to cover my bases.

  1. I refuse to ride in rush hour traffic.
  2. The nearest and best hummingbird spot in Santiago has atrocious dishwater coffee and doesn’t sell fruit. The roads are lazy and mellow.
  3. I don’t want to carry camera equipment over 200 miles. See note 7.
  4. Next best bird spot is in Ojai with a bird sanctuary and a another bird watching spot. There’s many splendid delis and espresso over gelato places.  However it’s a 5.5 hour and 285 miles round trip because I have to loop through Frazier Park.
    1. `Loop because I refuse to come home same route
    2. There are very cute baby cows through Frazier Park
  5. I would love to rest for a night then come home the next morning from Ojai. But I’m not allowed to motorcycle camp with a hammock because apparently as a married woman I shouldn’t stay out by myself?
  6. ACH is still my favorite road to ride, has wonderful coffee. The birding is so so because it’s mountain birds. I haven’t dabbled enough in birding to appreciate it yet, still favoring flashy hummers.
  7. I need to buy waterproof luggage to hold moisture sensitive gadgets I may or may not need. I’ve had to hide out at a nursery in the hills because I got caught in the rain with camera equipment. I’m a little scared that I found it to be exhilarating to ride in the rain.

IMG_0293   Acorn Woodpecker at Santiago.


Humming bird gathering – Santiago


Scrub Jay – Santiago


orange bird

Santiago – I don’t know what this fellow is. My guess is a black-headed grosbeak.


I love this guy in Ojai. Every time I go through I’ll stop by this bird sanctuary and give him scratches.


Birding & Biking in Ojai.


Very sad :[ found a little one just passed away in Ojai.

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