Miso Glaze

Last time I cooked pork belly, I picked meaty cuts of belly, this time I picked out the fattest piece of pork belly with thin slivers of meat.  I found this recipe when I was researching why my pork belly came out tough the last time.  http://ruhlman.com/2011/09/crispy-pork-belly-recipe/   The title of the entry is “The Lessons of Pork Belly,” how very appropriate!   I like how this recipe can be made in separate cooking sessions.

Here’s how my cooking sessions went

  1. Bake pork belly for 6 hours – Day 1
    1. Didn’t have OJ, squeezed OJ from our 50 year old mandarin  tangerine orange hybrid tree.
    2. Didn’t have peppercorns, substituted regular ground black peppers
    1. Took out 2 bay leafs, forgot them on the counter
  1. Make Caramel Sauce, twice – Day 2
    1. Tried the wet sugar , sugar didn’t brown, made sweetened condensed milk by accident. It’s pretty good as a dip for pretzels and other snacks
    2. Dry sugar method worked great for me, very little control indeed, the whole pan browned within 20 seconds of initial browning.
  1. Make Caramel-Miso Glaze
    1. Learned that red wine vinegar can be substituted with half white vinegar and half red wine.
  1. Make pork belly crispy & delicious with glaze
    1. I need cooking sleeves and face shield, the pork fat splatters and burns aplenty.
    2. I don’t have canola oil, used vegetable oil. Need to research cooking oils.

My pork came out a little burnt around the edges, I will call it extra Maillard reaction! Haha such sweet tangy fatty happiness in my mouth. I have learned the move “Miso Glaze” for my future protein dishes.

I will have to try a less fatty pork belly piece for this recipe next time. It had too much creamy fat between the meat.  Meaty part did indeed came out tender though and that was my goal!


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