Pokémon & Dingo

So Pokémon Go is out … and I’m on my journey to be a Pokémon master, like I’ve dreamed of since fourth grade. 

Dingo gets a lot more walks. He’s happy & lazy for days after an ambitious 2-mile walk to visit all the PokéStops. Suddenly I have a lot less dog poop to pick up in my yard. However, there is only one trash can on our Pokémon  route and Dingo doesn’t share the same sentiment in pooping near the trash can.


He’s been sleeping like a baby. Note the pillow extension in the closet. If I forget to open the closet, the poor guy sleeps with his head on the ground. Ridiculous big dog problems.

This guy prefers the hot southern California sun than being inside the house with air conditioning. Don’t be alarmed, he may look like a bloated dead whale, but he’s catching rays to make his farts more potent.

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