Learning to Cook

Growing up with my Grandpa in China, he made this dish called Red Cooked Pork on a weekly basis. In my language, pork is interchangeable with the word for meat, anything with meat is by default pork.  Grandpa’s favorite cut of pork is called the Five Flower Meat.

Five delicious layers of skin, fat and meat, basically a rectangular slab of bacon.  Grandpa is a migrant from Shanghai, so his cooking  favors sweet, saucy and oily influences.  Whereas my native Nanjing favors salty, cumin and crunch texture. The recipe I found is a Shanghai style red cooked pork , it  calls for pork belly to be steamed for 1 hour, then slowly simmered in  melted rock candy & aromatics such as star of anise & cinnamon sticks for 4 hours.  I actually used a slow cooker to simmer it for 8 hours.

The resulting pork belly is rendered so soft, it dissolves on the tongue.

Recipe I used here  –> http://foodmanna.blogspot.com/2013/06/red-braised-pork-belly.html


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